Weed Board -
Probably the most noble rolling tray

The perfect setup for a cosy evening alone or with friends.
With our 'Weedboard', cannabis is already celebrated in the preparation.

100% natural wood

We only use oak wood from European forests for our weedboards.

The solid oak wood in rustic style still has its original bark on one side to retain the authentic natural character.
Since it is natural wood, each weedboard is unique.


- Width: approx. 40cm
- Length: approx. 30cm
- Thickness: approx. 2,5cm
(As it is a natural product, there may be slight deviations in the measurements).

Manual work in all steps

Every weedboard has to go through a few steps before it is ready to be sent on its journey (to you).

First, the oak wood is sawn to size and sanded. The individual wood sections are then cut to size by hand with a router. Next, the oak wood is rubbed with peanut oil, which makes the oak wood's grain appear even more clearly and gives the oak wood itself a new shine. We deliberately use 100% natural peanut oil without artificial or chemical additives.

Afterwards, the oak board must be at least dry for 7 days so that the peanut oil can fully penetrate the wood fibres. After the oak wood has dried, the fixture for the paper dispenser is screwed tight and the turning surface is filled with epoxy resin. The synthetic resin creates a noble contrast to the wood and offers a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned. As a finish, each weedboard is awarded our metal badge.

🇩🇪Handmade in Germany

Solid oak wood (approx. 40cm x 30cm x 2.5cm)

Unique piece, made from a piece of oak wood

Sawn, ground & milled

Flamed with the Shou Sugi Ban method or oiled (with natural peanut oil).

Building surface made of epoxy resin (anthracite or neon)

Fits any 250ml & 500ml Mary in a Bottle


For our 'Black Edition', the oak wood is flamed in the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method with a gas burner. The slight carbonisation of the wood surface carbonises the wood and gives it its unique look.

As soon as the oak wood has cooled down completely, it is given a light coat of synthetic resin as a finish, so that no charcoal residue is left on the hands during use.

All Black Everything

Especially for our 'Black Edition' we have also put together an ALL BLACK complete set incl. Mary Purple, black Grinder, black Clipper, black Papes and black activated carbon filters.

Everything dished up

Our Weedboard combines everything you need for your perfect setup at home. Everything is practically at hand and looks tidy at the same time.

The weedboard offers a storage space for your Mary in a Bottle and your grinder. You can stow your clipper and a couple of activated carbon filters. Thanks to the integrated micro scale, you can weigh your quantity to 0.01g and with our innovative paper dispenser, you can have your paper in your hand in one go. A wooden tamper ensures that each joint can be tamped nice and evenly.

The actual construction surface stands out visually due to the synthetic resin and forms a noble work surface that can be cleaned at any time.

Glow in the Dark

In addition to our classic version with the marble-look construction surface, we also want to offer a more extravagant version.

Our Neon Edition appears inconspicuous at first in a nautical shade of blue in daylight, but in the dark it makes the rotating surface of your weedboard glow. This special resin charges with UV light and glows in the dark with a cosy glow.

Outside and inside - Wow

Each of our weedboards comes to you in an elegant folding box with magnetic closure.

If you don't use your Weedboard with all its gadgets for a longer period of time, you can simply store it in its box, where it is safely protected from external influences and nothing can get lost.

At the same time, the box is great for when you want to take your weedboard on a trip or visit friends for a night out.

Completely filled

In addition to the standard version, you can also order your weedboard directly together with a matching grinder, a matching Mary Purple or Mary Chalk in the 250ml or 500ml version and matching wooden tweezers.


250ml version → 13,00€ discount
500ml version → 15,00€ discount