Visible Package 500

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200 ml → 1 – 10 g
250ml  10 – 15 g
500 ml → 15 – 30 g
1000 ml → 30 – 70 g
2000 ml → 70 – 140 g
The complete “Love Mary Like Juana Package” in the 500ml clear glass version.
Optimal conservation & control – With the ‘Mary Visible’ your grass is airtight and protected from mould and drying out. Thanks to the integrated hygrometer and the Boveda Hygro-Pack, you always have the humidity under control.
100% glass – 100% taste –Thanks to the unique glass cut, the Mary in a Bottle does not need a sealing ring made of plastic or rubber, as is the case with conventional preserving jars. Plastic and rubber not only become brittle over time, but also give off vapours in the long run, which have a negative effect on the taste.
Start-Up Support – Buy innovative products and support a young start-up? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we are a young company from Cologne, Germany that was launched on 420 Day in 2019.
Patient Support – Especially patients who depend on their medicinal cannabis flowers often suffer from the poor quality of the flowers they receive on prescription from pharmacies. With the help of the Mary Purple, you are able to breathe new life into these flowers thanks to the violet glass and the optimal humidity control. Therefore, cannabis patients with proof of prescription, can purchase their own Mary Purple from us at discounted prices.
The capacity of the “Mary Visible” in the 500ml variant is up to 40 grams of flowers.

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  • 1x Mary Visible 500ml
  • 1x Boveda Hygro-Pack 62% 8g
  • 1x Scissor Fingers large
  • 1x Clipper lighter
  • 1x hemp paper King Size Slim (32 hemp papes & 32 unbleached Tips)
  • 1x Joint Tube made of laboratory glass with natural cork
  • 1x microfibre polishing cloth


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Wo bewahrst du dein Gras auf?

Mit dieser Frage hat für uns alles begonnen. Wir, das sind die zwei Gründer von Love Mary Like Juana© Marc & Marcus. Während Marc eine Blechdose zur Aufbewahrung genutzt hat, griff Marcus auf Opa’s alte Pfeifenbox zurück. Doch was für Alternativen gab es vor der ‚Mary in a Bottle”? Wer kennt nicht die Anfänge von Alufolie, Plastiktüte und Co.?! Auch alte Einmachgläser, Tupperdosen oder Versteckdosen aus Aluminium werden dieser heiligen Pflanze nicht gerecht. Warum nicht also ein hochwertiges, auf die Eigenschaften von Cannabisblüten angepasstes Aufbewahrungsgefäß kreieren?! So entstand die Idee der ‚Mary in a Bottle’ im Sommer 2018 und wird bis heute fort gelebt.

Marc & Marcus (Gründer von Love Mary Like Juana)

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