Gentle Smoker Bundle

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The gentle Smoker – The bundle for every stylish smoker for whom high class is not just a phrase. The ‘Mary Purple 1000ml’ as a package variant not only protects your flowers from UV light, but also ensures that your flowers always maintain the optimum humidity thanks to the integrated hygrometer and the Boveda Hygro-Pack. This keeps your buds fresh, tasty and potent. Because only the best buds deserve to be smoked in the ‘Sir Winston Chills’. The symbiosis of cigar and pipe combines the advantages of both with the sociability factor of a joint. The handling and smoking sensation of a cigar lets you fully enjoy every moment.
100% glass – 100% taste –The ‘Mary Purple’ is made of 100% violet glass and, thanks to the unique cut glass, does not need a sealing ring made of plastic or rubber, which becomes brittle over time and gives off flavour-affecting vapours in the long run. The ‘Sir Winston Chills’ is made of fine walnut wood, crystal clear glass and noble brass. Thanks to the activated charcoal filter, the integrated cooling chamber and, last but not least, the glass tube, even the thickest cigar smoke remains tasty and mild. You will find everything you need in the handmade cigar box that comes with it: filters, sieves, a cork to seal it, space for spare parts.
Start-Up Support – Buy innovative products and support a young start-up? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we are a young company from Cologne, Germany that was launched on 420 Day in 2019.
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  • 1x Purple Package 1000
  • 1x Sir Winston Chills Cigar
  • Glass Blunt with pre-installed sieve and filter in wooden cigar box
  • four additional filters and an extra sieve
  • 2x extra Boveda Hygro-Pack 62% 67g


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