3er Pack Boveda Hygro-Pack 62%


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 2-3 workdays
With the value pack of 3, you can get the right Boveda Hygro-Pack for your Mary in a Bottle at a lower price than anywhere else.
  • 4g Boveda Hygro-Pack 62% → 1,00€ per Pack
  • 8g Boveda Hygro-Pack 62% → 1,33€ per Pack
  • 67g Boveda Hygro-Pack 62% → 4,66€ per Pack
The Boveda Hygro Packs are the perfect complement to your Mary Bottle. The Boveda Hygro-Packs have been specially developed for storing dried flowers. The ingenious technology keeps the relative humidity constant at 62%. The special feature of the Boveda technology is that the humidity is corrected in both directions.
The application of the Boveda Hygro-Packs is particularly easy. Simply place the Hygro-Pack in your Mary Bottle and the humidity is automatically regulated to the ideal level of 62%.

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  • 2-way humidity control
  • without chemistry
  • 62% humidity for optimal storage
  • 4g Boveda for containers with up to 15g flowers
  • 8g Boveda for containers with up to 30g flowers
  • 67g Boveda for containers with up to 500g flowers

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