Love Mary Like Juana Packages

Mary in a Bottle

The centrepiece of the LMLJ package is of course our Mary in a Bottle. Whether Mary Purple, Mary Brown or Mary Visible - whether 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml or 2000ml - there are no limits in the package either. You decide!

Also in the package, each Mary in a Bottle has the matching hygrometer in the glass cap. To ensure that the hygrometer can be used directly, the matching Boveda hygro-pack for the respective Mary in a Bottle size is also available.

Size comparison

250ml → up to 15 g, 62% Boveda pack 4 g
500ml → up to 40 g, 62% Boveda Pack 8 g
1000ml → up to 90 g, 62% Boveda Pack 67 g
2000ml → up to 200 g, 62% Boveda Pack 67 g