The No.1 for Cannabis Storage, Preservation & Fermentation

100% glass - 100% taste

Each Mary in a Bottle is manufactured according to the standard of the European Pharmacopoeia and corresponds to container class glass type III (DIN 719).

A round design with a hand-cut glass stopper ensures that the Mary in a Bottle is 100% glass and does not require any plastic or rubber sealing ring. Both plastic and rubber give off vapours over time, which have a negative impact on taste and smell. In the 'Mary in a Bottle' your flowers always stay freshly harvested.

🇩🇪 Made in Germany

Size comparison

250ml → up to 15 g, 62% Boveda pack 4 g
500ml → up to 40 g, 62% Boveda Pack 8 g
1000ml → up to 90 g, 62% Boveda Pack 67 g
2000ml → up to 200 g, 62% Boveda Pack 67 g

Image: Weed storage jar