The No.1 for Cannabis Storage, Preservation & Fermentation

100% glass - 100% taste

Each Mary in a Bottle is manufactured according to the standard of the European Pharmacopoeia and corresponds to container class glass type III (DIN 719).

A round design with a hand-cut glass stopper ensures that the Mary in a Bottle is 100% glass and does not require any plastic or rubber sealing ring. Both plastic and rubber give off vapours over time, which have a negative impact on taste and smell. In the 'Mary in a Bottle' your flowers always stay freshly harvested.

🇩🇪 Made in Germany

Size comparison

250ml → up to 15 g, 62% Boveda pack 4 g
500ml → up to 40 g, 62% Boveda Pack 8 g
1000ml → up to 90 g, 62% Boveda Pack 67 g
2000ml → up to 200 g, 62% Boveda Pack 67 g

When stored correctly, cannabis products can be kept for many years without the THC content dropping significantly. The larger surface area leads to faster THC degradation in marijuana compared to hashish and a higher sensitivity to external influences. (…)
Air and UV light promote the decomposition of THC into little or non-psychoactive substances. Temperatures up to 20° Celsius have only a minor influence on the shelf life. Higher temperatures accelerate the degradation of the THC contained. Mould can develop if the humidity is too high. In order to avoid a degradation of THC and odorous substances as well as the formation of mould spores, cannabis should therefore be stored in a dry, cool and dark place.
Quote: German Hemp Association

Mary Bottle protects your grass from

UV light




THC/CBD degradation

Loss of taste

The perfect symbiosis

In our search for a perfect partner, we found the No. 1 in moisture management. Boveda develops Hygro-Packs specifically designed for the storage of dried flowers. The ingenious technology keeps the relative humidity constant at 62%. Das Besondere ist, dass die Feuchtigkeit in beide Richtungen korrigiert wird. With the integrated hygrometer in the glass cap, you always have the humidity in your Mary in a Bottle under control.

• 2-way humidity control without chemicals
• 62% humidity for optimal storage
• 4g Boveda for Mary in a Bottle with up to 15g flowers
• 8g Boveda for Mary in a Bottle with up to 30g flowers
• 67g Boveda for Mary in a Bottle with up to 500g flowers

Glass humidor

With our integrated hygrometers, you can always keep an eye on the optimum humidity. All hygrometers are calibrated by us in advance. However, all hygrometers require recalibration after a certain period of time to ensure that they continue to function with pinpoint accuracy.

Analogue hygrometer - salt method

1) Prepare a small glass (e.g. a shot glass).
2) Pour in a tablespoon of salt.
3) Add a few drops of water.
4) Mix salt and water.
5) Now place the shot glass in a sealable plastic box or foil bag. Place the hygrometer next to it and seal the box/foil bag airtight.
6) After approx. 8 hours, a humidity of approx. 75% should have developed.
7) Now calibrate the needle with a screwdriver.

Calibrate digital hygrometer

Digital hygrometers usually do not need to be calibrated. However, they need some time in the humidor to give the exact humidity.

3 different types of glass

As we all know, all good things come in threes, and that also applies to the Mary in a Bottle. You have the choice between three different types of glass, each of which has its own advantages and meets different requirements. With us, no one goes empty-handed! Which type are you?

Mary Visible → Clear Glass: The prudent person wants to store their grass in style while always keeping an eye on it and enjoying the sight of it.

Mary Brown → Amber Glass: You're going for the vintage look and opting for the time-honoured protection of sodium lime silicate glass that apothecaries have relied on since the 19th century.

Mary Purple → Violet Glass: The ultimate. The perfectionist wants only the best of the best. Violet glass not only has the highest protection against UV light, but also preserves the existing light energy of every natural product.

The love is in the detail

Coordinated down to the smallest detail. Therefore, both label variants are also refined with references to cannabis.

The label of the 500ml & 2000ml variant is adorned with the brand name: Love Mary Like Juana est. 1420. The picture shows hemp farmers harvesting. This image was printed faithfully on the US $10 note until 1914. On the left side you will find Sativa-typical characteristics and on the right side Indica-typical characteristics.

On the label of the 250ml & 1000ml variant, one is struck by the lat. term CANNABACEAE, the molecular structure of cannabis immediately catches the eye. Directly below the note on medical intake (Time of drug intake) at 4:20 pm. On the sides you will again find Sativa-typical characteristics and Indica-typical characteristics.